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Monday, August 8, 2016

Using Trailcams

Courtesy of the MABRC

It’s been the experience of the MABRC researchers that Bigfoot will avoid trailcams. The reasoning is unclear why Bigfoot does this, but after years of trailcams being placed in the woods, not one decent trailcam picture has emerged. 

Even the placement of trailcams at heights well above Bigfoot eye level have failed to produce the results desired.

What MABRC Senior Researchers have begun doing is to place trailcams in locations that will funnel the Bigfoot into areas where they can be observed. 

By placing trailcams on 3 sides of a base camp, the Bigfoot will avoid these areas and come into close proximity of the camp on the side where no trailcams are placed.

Other ways to deploy trailcams is to hide them in containers that hopefully the Bigfoot will open to see what is inside. Putting them in tents and leaving the flaps unzipped in hopes that Bigfoot will look into it and get it’s picture taken. When leaving a camp unattended, take a trailcam and set it in a chair and cover it with a jacket or blanket, leaving the sensor and camera lens uncovered so it will activate. 

Still the debate remains, does Bigfoot intentionally avoid trailcams, this is something that will always remain heated among researchers. For the MABRC, the foremost question is how to outsmart the Bigfoot and find ways that trailcams can be deployed to be the most effective. If continued success is achieved by channeling the Bigfoot into areas like the MABRC have been doing on many of their expeditions, this should be the recommended tactic used by researchers in the field.

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