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Friday, August 12, 2016

Planning and Executing a MABRC Expedition

D.W. "Darkwing" Lee has been asked by a lot of folks how he goes about planning expeditions for the MABRC, so that they can have an idea how to plan their own, for themselves or other groups.  This is the template that is used for planning each expedition the MABRC conducts.

The Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center has a long history of field expeditions throughout the country and has established protocols and procedures that must be observed for any MABRC-sponsored field expedition.

To begin with, the MABRC member who wants to hold the expedition must be aware that they will be the expedition leader unless they request specifically for someone else to assume that position. In this event, if they have not underwent the MABRC Leadership training course, they will need to complete this before leading the expedition.

Once the member decides they want to hold an expedition, they need to post in the MABRC Members area in the Expedition Planning section, This will be to see if there is enough general interest in other members who can attend the expedition.

Once this is established, the member must begin putting together the necessary Expedition Briefing Summary that will provide the following information for participants.

* Summary of the area

* Summary of the objective

* Sunrise/set data

* Moonrise/set data

* Moon phase data

* Weather outlook, must be updated starting 10 days prior to the expedition from weather.com and must be posted on the forum thread for the expedition planning.

* Site selection

* Background information for area, including any suspected Bigfoot activity.

* Topo maps/aerial photos of the target area.

* Primary objectives

* Secondary objectives

* Standby objectives

* Personnel requirements/skill sets needed along with role determinations for participants.

* Equipment requirements

* Expedition rules/land-owner rules.

Once this briefing is prepared, copies should be forwarded to the State Director (if the state has one) or the Regional Director (if there is one) or the Executive Director. This is to keep the Advisory Council in the loop.

The Advisory Council will then review the Expedition Briefing Summary and make recommendations if needed.

The thread will be maintained in the MABRC Members area for the planning and distribution of information for participants, and as the plans are finalized, contact information, meeting places and other detailed information will then be disseminated through to the members of the expedition through this thread. 

Weather updates should begin being posted a minimum of ten (10) days before the expedition start.

Costs such as camping fees, food fees, access fees, etc. should also be noted ahead of time so that attending members can be prepared to absorb any costs associated with the expedition.
During the expedition, two key positions must be assigned. The expedition leader and the assistant expedition leader. Both will be designated to speak to local authorities, local residents and the media should they present themselves onsite at the expedition location.

Once the expedition is in gear, the expedition leader needs to insure that members follow the expedition rules and procedures while in the field. The leader will also be responsible for the well being of his expedition team. The main creed for the MABRC during an expedition should always be “Never leave a man behind.”

Upon the completion of the MABRC Expedition, an Expedition Debriefing thread will be established in the MABRC Members area of the forum in which the participants can post their thoughts, experiences, evidence and other related information pertaining to the expedition. After this is completed, the information may be sanitized for location, and other relevant information and the report posted on the public side of the forum. This is to insure that the location is not given away to individuals who may attempt to disrupt further research in that area in the future.

All evidence collected by MABRC Researchers belong to them, however, it is requested that the MABRC Members as a whole have a chance to view the evidence too.

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