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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thermal Footage from Oklahoma

Courtesy of the MABRC

During the last part of 2013 in Oklahoma, 2 different researchers, two weeks apart, in the same location, caught something on their thermals that sat for a long period of time watching their camps.

While the researchers are adamant that this could be a "possible" Bigfoot, it is very interesting footage from the same location, 2 weeks apart, by 2 different researchers.

The first three videos were taken by Driveroperator on November 15, 2013, by mounting his thermal on a pole above his vehicle during the night while he slept in his tent.  It shows a heat signature staying basically in the exact location for nearly 30 minutes watching from behind a creekbed behind his tent.

The next video was taken by Darkwing, who had mounted a thermal on a pole sticking up from his vehicle, and in the video, he does pan around the camera to see if he can spot any other heat signatures coming up towards him from other directions.  The heat signature maintains it's position in a creek bed about 50 feet away from the creek bed that Driveroperator's heat signature was seen in.  It continues to maintain it's position even when a large deer walks behind it at a distance of around 40 to 50 feet.  Only when the deer comes back through, does the heat signature lower itself, and proceeds to disappear, perhaps to go hunt the deer.

One of the lessons to note here, is that Bigfoot appear to tend to move the same way at night as they do during the day, using cover to move around to mask their approach.  Once they get a position where they feel they are safe, they will maintain it and watch from it.  After years of watching the woods with thermals, the two researchers involved have noted that all other animals in the woods continue to move around, except when they bed down.  This heat signature maintains it's position behind the creek bed the entire time, moving only enough to show that it is definitely not a rock or other inanimate object that had absorbed heat throughout the day and continued on into the night reflecting heat.

It's up to the reader though to decide for yourself what it is in the videos.

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