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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Erik Beckjord on Letterman (08-19-1986)

"Erik Beckjord on Letterman (08-19-1986) 

For those who don't know, Jon-Erik Beckjord was a polarizing figure in sasquatch research. He has a Wikipedia entry, for those interested. Suffice it to say, he created a lot of controversy over the years. 

Some of those interested in the sasquatch phenomenon have been trying to locate the Beckjord segment when he was on the Late Night With David Letterman show. Well . . . I finally found it . . . finally. Even Beckjord himself couldn't recall when he was on the show - or even which Letterman show incarnation he was on. Mystery solved now. 

John Green had the complete audio from the segment recorded to cassette—likely given to him by Beckjord. The two men were actually good friends beginning in the mid-1970s through to Beckjord’s passing in 2008. Even though Green didn’t agree with Beckjord’s views about sasquatch, he nonetheless respected his opinions. But Green didn’t have the video; he only had the audio. I managed to successfully find the video segment after years of searching. 

Because the last few seconds of the video segment are cut, I’ve spliced in the missing audio as best as I could. 

I hope you enjoy this previously thought lost treasure. Whether one agrees with Beckjord or not, it’s an interesting clip, and as per usual with anything Letterman does, quite comical.
The video and music are inherently copyrighted—but if you wish to share or re-post, I kindly request that you ask for permission and proper credit be given. Portions of this video are rebroadcast under the Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law as educational material without benefit of financial gain. "

Credit to Todd Prescott

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