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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Roger Patterson interviewing Fred Beck—Ape Canyon/Bigfoot

"Sometime prior to July 1966, Roger Patterson interviewed Fred Beck. Here is that interview, along with a montage of photos. The interview has been transcribed and accompanies the photos in the video. The late researcher Bobbie Short had transcribed the interview, and in part, her transcription has been used in the video. Although she had numerous errors in her transcription, they have been corrected. At times, it's difficult to understand Beck, partly because of the audio quality and partly because of his phrasing and slur. The copy of the interview accompanying the video was recorded from John Green's collection of cassette interviews. I had visited with John Green several times between 2012 and 2014. John permitted me to record whichever cassettes I wished too. I believe that I recorded all of them. The quality of the Patterson/Beck interview is not very good, and even Green himself had wished for a better copy (as he had stated in a letter to Bob Titmus in 1966)."

Credit to Todd Prescott

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