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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Protocols about trespassing

Protocols about trespassing

One of the major issues facing Bigfoot Researchers is the subject of trespassing. Always get permission to be on a property and NEVER trespass. If there aren't any signs, such as "No Trespassing" or "Keep Out", you should always remember that the property owner has every right to ask you to vacate the premises. You should never argue, you have no right to be there, period.

If there are gates, chains, ropes, etc. surrounding a site, you are to assume that you are NOT to enter the site, because this is the same as trespassing. If you happen to find a sign while already on the property, and prior permission has not been obtained on the property, then you need to vacate the premises. 

Do not cut any fences, do not damage fences, this is someone's property and should be respected. If you are tracking a Bigfoot and it crosses into a fenced area, you should obtain permission from the landowner before entering. While the temptation to go after the Bigfoot is heavy on you to continue, you can't trespass on someone else's property.

It's never okay to trespass for any reason. However, there are two reasons that trespassing may be necessary. When you are trying to get an injured or sick person out the quickest way possible, or when you are completely lost and you are trying to get to safety. 

The majority of land owners will understand if you are trying to get an injured person out for medical attention, many will actually aid you in completing that task.

Written permission from a landowner should always be secured before entering private land, and copies of this written permission should be carried with you while on the land. This is to insure that you will be able to show it to Law Enforcement personnel should they come upon you.

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