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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shorty Wallace and Jay Rowland Interview by John Green

"In February of 1967, sasquatch researcher John Green interviewed Shorty Wallace and Jay Rowland. Shorty’s brother is notorious hoaxer Ray Wallace. Although there may be controversy and varying opinions concerning Shorty’s credibility, Green’s interview nonetheless captures a perhaps pivotal moment in time before the notorious Patterson/Gimlin film of October 20, 1967. Shorty and Jay recount some snippets of sasquatch sightings and track finds (pre-1967) while taking the listener on a journey back in time. 

A special thank-you to Steven Streufert and Jay Rowland for allowing the use of Jay’s photo in the video. Thanks also to Steven for 'getting my butt' in gear to ultimately begin the process of making the John Green interview collection public (as John hoped for). Being computer challenged, I grappled a long time with how to transfer the cassette interviews to my PC. So yeah, thanks for the push Steven."

Credit to Todd Prescott

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