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Friday, August 19, 2016

Certain Telltale signs precede a Bigfoot Encounter

Courtesy of the MABRC

Thom Powell wrote an excellent checklist that gives multiple items that can be used to gauge Bigfoot activity in your area. It is one of the tenets of the MABRC, and is placed here for our researchers to review. If you want to read Thom’s book, it’s entitled “The Locals” and you can buy it through Amazon.com.

Pages 245-246

The checklist provided below can be used exclusively as an indication that Sasquatch are in the immediate area although no one item alone will prove that they are in the vicinity when utilized individually, but when several of these items in the Telltale signs of Bigfoot list are combined and experienced then the chances that a Sasquatch or even several are nearby increases dramatically. 

Damage To Property

* Bent and twisted trees along roads and trails. 

* Electric fence wire torn down.

* Camping gear and cookware thrown about 

* Barn tools that have been strewn about 

* Damage to homes 

* Bent gates with no obvious vehicle damage 

* Trees that have had tops bent, twisted or broken off some 7 feet or higher above the ground 

Items Found

* Outdoor freezer doors left open with food missing 

* Large piles of animal scat found in nearby woods or on property 

* Dead animals that have been skinned by hand or without benefit of tools 

* Piles of Feathers and/or bones neatly placed nearby 

* Big Footprints found in the mud or near a horse corral if you dwell in an urban area 

* Dead animals found in a tree high over the ground 

* Dead animals and livestock found on property or in nearby wooded area 

Items Missing

* Food from a camping cooler 

* Missing garden vegetables or fruit from ripening fruit trees 

* Missing livestock 

* Livestock cages that have been opened and had the animals removed 

* Missing Horse Grain 

* Missing Milk: A milk cow that occasionally has no milk to give when it should 

* Missing smoked meat and/or fish from a smokehouse

Things Smelled, Heard, or Felt

* Unusual howls or screams, very loud oftentimes that are heard in the distance or in nearby woods 

* Agitated nighttime behavior by dogs 

* Lots of barking by dogs on surrounding property 

* Fearful after dark reactions by dogs that are otherwise aggressive in nature 

* Agitated horses that may escape from the pen at night 

* An agitated and distracted horse while riding in the woods 

* The sound of knocking or rocks being struck together emanating from nearby woods 

* Noises around the house at night such as knocking, pounding or scratching 

* Stones hitting the house or roof at night 

* Children complaining that something is looking in their windows at night 

* Children claiming that something is watching them while they are playing 

* The feeling that someone or something is watching you while doing farm chores, tending stock, or walking/being in the woods 

* The sound of footfalls that parallel your direction of travel as you walk in the woods 

* The sound of breaking twigs, sticks and branches by an unseen as it is heard to be moving loudly through the woods 

* A strong odor that resembles a dead animal or wet dog, rotting garbage, eggs or sulphur which can be strong enough to make an individual nauseous or ill 

* A suddenly quiet wooded area absent of bird, animal, or bug sound 

* The sound of something moving outside your window at night 

* A feeling that something is nearby that may awaken you abruptly from your sleep

While this list is by no means a complete list, it does give the beginning researcher some ideas of what could be Bigfoot activity at a locations.

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