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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Using possible or probable in presenting evidence

Presenting of evidence

When publishing any evidence, as in video, audio or pictures, it should never be presented as "BIGFOOT" it should be presented as "possible" or "probable" instead of "IT IS" Bigfoot.  It has become way to common for people to publish their evidence with claims that "IT IS" Bigfoot, and this gives the Bigfoot Community the impression to the general public that we will claim everything is Bigfoot, which makes us look rather lame.  A tree structure should be said to be non-naturally made, instead of made by Bigfoot.  Especially because the Bigfoot was not seen making it.  You can't say a wolf's neck was broken by Bigfoot, or a deer killed by Bigfoot since you did not see the Bigfoot do it.  You should always use possible or probable with your approach, this also denies the skeptics the opportunity to attack you because you are not claiming it's Bigfoot, since you are saying it just may be possible or probable.

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