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Monday, August 15, 2016

Comparison Photos

 Courtesy of the MABRC

When you post a picture that you think may contain a Bigfoot in it, be prepared to be asked for comparison photos of the same location from different times. Too many people fall under the matrixing issue, believing that they have a Bigfoot, yet if they would take the time to review comparison pictures, they would either realize that they are seeing shadows or even leaves creating the impression of a face. If the same view is there a day later, then claiming it was a Bigfoot in the first place only erodes any credibility you hoped to of gained from the original picture. The MABRC requires any picture turned into them for evaluation to be accompanied by comparison photos, and other groups should always have that requirement too, for anything turned into them. You should never give anyone a free pass without the accompanying comparison photos to evaluate.

It is also MABRC policy to always ask for comparison photos whenever a photo is submitted to us for evaluation.

The following photo illustrates the need for comparison photos.  The lady who sent this in, thought a Bigfoot was standing at the end of her driveway, and she took the photo.  Upon on-site analysis and taking the comparison photos, it was discovered to be dark leaves in a brush pile that resembled a humanoid type figure.

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