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Thursday, August 4, 2016

MABRC Evidence Review Board

The Bigfoot Field Guide staff would like to congratulate the MABRC for putting together their evidence review board, which will examine all in-house evidence submitted by MABRC researchers for peer review.  Eventually we have been told, that non-MABRC researchers will eventually be allowed to submit their evidence for review, and the bigger news that excites the BFG staff, is that other groups have already been contacted about having several seats allotted to them on the board, thereby making it truly a encompassing entity of several groups working together.

Here is the current guidelines for the MABRC Evidence Review Board.


1. The Evidence Review Board (the Board) was created by members of the MABRC organization to serve as a group of experienced researchers to review and comment on possible evidence relating to the existence of a North American cryptid, known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, based on specific protocols. 

2. It is the desire of the Board to review and comment on various types of possible evidence submitted by any serious Bigfoot Researcher. In the first year of the Board, it was decided by Board members to limit evaluations to evidence submitted by active organization members of the MABRC. In future years, the Board may decide to accept evidence from non-MABRC organization members and from other Bigfoot Organizations.

3. If any MABRC member just wants to release evidence on their own, without the MABRC standing behind it, they are more than entitled to. However. If a MABRC member brings in evidence, and wants the MABRC to stand behind it, it first has to be vetted by the Evidence Review Board. 

4. After reviewing the evidence, the Board will publish a report with an opinion, representing the official opinion of the MABRC. If the findings are remarkable, the Board may release a Press Release.

To check out more about the MABRC Evidence Review Board, check out the MABRC Website and click on the Evidence Review Board tab at the top of the page.

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