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Thursday, August 11, 2016

National Sighting Report Database

Courtesy of the MABRC

One little known feature that the MABRC has maintained for quite a few years is their National Sightings Database, in which they have taken sighting reports from all the sources that they can locate, and placed them in an easy to use format, with search capability.  Some of the main locations that reports were pulled from include but not limited to:

(BFRO) Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
(GCBRO) Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
(TBRC) Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy
(NAWAC) North American Woodape Conservancy
(OBF) Oregon Bigfoot 
(IBS) International Bigfoot Society
(BFE) Bigfoot Encounters

Books like the Bigfoot Casebook are also searched for sighting reports and placed on the forums in the database.  And the late John Green's sighting reports database is being added too.  The MABRC also has a presentation that explains the need for folks to turn in sighting reports, and they were generous enough to give us permission to post it here.

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