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Friday, August 12, 2016

Armchair Researchers = Analysts

A novel approach by the MABRC to include Armchair Researchers into their organization, they have been doing this now for well over a decade.  

The MABRC was the first Bigfoot Research Organization to recognize the potential of having armchair researchers within it’s ranks, even giving them an appropriate title, Analysts.

Other groups have followed in the MABRC’s leadership in this, and once again, the MABRC is changing the way Bigfoot research is being conducted.

Analysts perform a wide range of duties that frees up the Field Researchers to spend more time in the field, not behind a computer or watching video on a screen for hours at a time.

Analysts fulfill duties such as analyzing photos, video, audio recordings, posting sighting reports, articles and papers on the forum.

They also help in the writing of research protocols and policies that can give the Field Researchers guidance in the field to being back their evidence in a manner that can withstand scientific scrutiny.

Currently, many of the major research projects being conducted by the MABRC, from biome/food information to sighting report analysis is being conducted by the MABRC Analysts. A recent camera project produced over 10,000 hours of combined footage that require extensive time to review, thanks to MABRC Analysts, that time taken to review it has been cut down considerably.

Many individuals have applied to other organizations and have been turned down due to physical limitations or health factors, the MABRC does not turn those folks away. In the MABRC, our Analysts provide a great support system for those in the field, and are considered just as important as the field researchers that are out beating the bushes for Bigfoot.

Anyone wanting to join the MABRC as an Analyst is more than welcome with in the organization, and feel as much a part of the MABRC family as any other member.

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  1. I am a PROUD armchair researcher!!!!!!!!!!

    Henry May