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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Strange Creature Caught on Eagle Cam Bigfoot?

Recently this was posted on Facebook, MABRC Researcher Darkwing decided to enhance it to see what he could make out of it.  First the original video with the uploader's remarks.

Published on May 23, 2016
My sister watches this eagle cam constantly. It is live footage of an eagle's nest located in northern Michigan. While watching one day she noticed a strange dark creature in the background. Almost looks like a bear but it appears to be walking normally. Check out the top right corner background. Anyone have any idea what this is?

And then Darkwing's enhanced video, he slowed it down to 26% of the actual speed and then used the magnification tool to enhance the figure as it moved through the woods.  After the video, see Darkwing's comments about the enhancement.

Darkwing's comments:
While the enhancements clearly shows arms and legs, it's still at a far enough distance that facial detail and other information to confirm if it's a Bigfoot is missing.  Its an interesting video to say the least, but this could also be a human in heavy clothing walking through the woods.


  1. very interesting, at first i thought a man, but then when it goes over the log it jumps high as it goes over the log then leaps after that so a man in a suit could not do that

  2. Why aren't the eaglets moving throughout the full cycle of the cam? Are they dead?

  3. Appears to move itself forward at 1 point with its arms like an ape. Def not a bear. Movement is not natural for a human.