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Saturday, August 13, 2016

OSSIE Database

Check it out at the MABRC Forums

In 2006, D.W. “Darkwing” Lee began working on a Bigfoot Researcher Database, that could be used by a researcher to record their research into, including pictures, video, reports, audio, etc.. When it was first mentioned on the Bigfoot Forums (BFF), several names were tossed about for the database, and eventually, Paul Vella came up with the Open Source, Sightings, Incidents and Encounters Database, or by the acronym, OSSIE.

The database was written in Microsoft Access 2003 format, and was released to the general Bigfoot Community in early 2007. A second version of the database was started on, incorporating more features, however, with the beginning of the MABRC Forums, the decision was made to create an OSSIE database area on the forum instead.

The online version of OSSIE, contains the following items.

* Cryptozoology Encyclopedia.
* 8 library wings with a combined 2400 articles, documents and papers contained in them.
* An audio section.
* A map room.
* The entire collection of the Track Record.
* The National Sightings Database, of sighting reports from all websites including the International Bigfoot Society, which closed it’s doors several years ago.
* Famous and Infamous Bigfoot incidents, from the PGF, Honobia Ridge Walker Video, Hoaxes and others.
* The Wide World of Cryptozoology, a section that contains other crypto mysteries, like Loch Ness and Mothman.
* The Movie Theater, where interesting videos related to Bigfoot are displayed.
* Archived Websites, a location where older websites that were archived in the past before they shut down are available for viewing.

You may have to join the forum as a forum member to be able to view the entire OSSIE database.  Forum membership does not mean MABRC Organizational Membership, just that you are able to view the forums as a member of the forum.

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