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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Campfire Research Tactic

Courtesy of the MABRC

The campfire research tactic has been employed by the MABRC on all their expeditions, as well as just being in the field researching.

It's been quite obvious that Bigfoot will not come out into the open while you are facing them, unless they intend to do it that way.  So what happens is this, the MABRC researchers will sit at a fire facing each other, and engage in conversation.

Unknown to the Bigfoot though, each person is watching the woods behind the researcher across from them.  The Bigfoot hopefully does not think that it's being watched, and will momentarily expose themselves on occasion as they move around the researchers.

This proved very effective in 2008 when 4 researchers employed this tactic and one of the researchers was able to have a full visual of a Bigfoot peering out from some underbrush with a 3rd generation night scope.  See photo below.

No Mercy seen branches being raised and lowered behind Driveroperator, asked for the night vision scope, and as he raised it to his eyes, the Bigfoot leaned forward and No Mercy got quite a look at the Bigfoot's features.

A little time afterwards, Darkwing had stepped around the side of the trailer to use the bathroom and thought he seen something walk by in front of the lead vehicle.  See photo below.

A suspected Bigfoot had been spotted walking across between the tall boy trail that was later discovered where the vehicle had been parked, and had put it's hand on the hood of the vehicle as it passed by.  In the photos below, it is the hand print on the left, the right hand print belongs to Darkwing and was placed there for measurement purposes.  The second photo, shows Darkwing's hand beside the print for reference.

The campfire research tactic is a very useful tool to employ in your research, if done properly, it allows the Bigfoot some degree of feeling safe to approach you at a short distance, and if you converse with each other, you also give them some noise to mask their approach.

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