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Sunday, September 16, 2018

I have a great new idea!!!

Every so often on Facebook or on one of the few Bigfoot message boards still active, someone jumps up with what they claim is an original idea of their own to try in Bigfoot research.  And every time, I have to shake my head, as the idea they come up with, has been tried by those in Bigfoot research before them.  They either have seen the idea posted somewhere before, and try to pass it off as their own, or they just don't do any research to see if their idea has been tried before.

The latest "Great new idea" that is making the rounds, is to play a crying baby while researching.  I've seen this appear on several Bigfoot Facebook groups, and some people were upset when it was noted that the MABRC had used the crying baby sounds back in 2007 onward.

Here is the excerpt from my book, Bigfoot Field Guide - Shadows in the night, available on Amazon (Kindle Version here) (Paperback Version here)

"Arriving on site, we put all the windows down and began playing the cd at a high volume. It was nearly pitch black with the full moon beginning to rise behind us. After about 10 minutes in of playing the crying baby audio, on the ridge line up the slope from us, we heard a vocalization, more like a roar. It’s nearly a ¼ mile from the ridge line to the road, and we listened to something big coming crashing down the slope towards us. 

I continued letting it play the audio, No Mercy kept asking me if it was time to turn it off, as we could hear the crashing over the crying. Finally the maker of all that crashing noise popped out on the road about 75 feet ahead of the vehicle. It was the white Bigfoot, and he stood on the road looking at the vehicle. I reached over and shut off the radio, the Bigfoot stood for several minutes looking at us still, before it turned and went back into the woods. 

No Mercy sat in silence for a few minutes before he caught his composure and uttered some of his most famous words. “We ain’t playing the crying baby cd anymore.” "

This happened in 2006 on a personal level, but the next year in 2007, on the MABRC Memorial Day Expedition at Honobia, MABRC Junior Researcher Goose, along with myself and another researcher went out on a remote ridge line in an UTV at night, with no moon out.  Using a call blaster, we played the crying baby cd for nearly 15 minutes, and had multiple responses from the other ridges to the north of our location.  It was quite the experience.

We've used it on other occasions too, in remote camps inside tents and even in our camps, it will draw in predators looking for an easy meal, but it has brought in Bigfoot checking out to see if an infant was in trouble or abandoned.  Whether the Bigfoot was looking for a free meal or what, we will never know since putting a real human infant at risk is unfathomable to attempt.

So what does all this mean D.W.?  It means, before you jump up and proclaim that you have a new idea, you should do some research to make sure it hasn't been tried before, and that way, you won't get hammered for trying to lay credit for something that has been done before.

Can the MABRC claim this as their idea?  No, we can't, because this was discussed on the old Bigfoot message boards back around 2001 to 2002, we were just one of the first to actually put it into practice and see the results.

Just do your research folks, it will prevent you major headaches in the future.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Largest collection online about Bigfoot

Without a doubt, the largest collection of information about Bigfoot used to be the website of Bobbie Short, Bigfoot Encounters, but since her passing, no site has come close to surpassing the amount of information about Bigfoot except the MABRC Forums.  

While there will be those who disagree and even attack the MABRC for the content displayed there, the truth is, the Forums has been collecting articles, sighting reports and more from all over the Internet and placing it in one location, making it easier for folks to find the information they need.

The MABRC researchers even have their own research threads, where you can follow along on their research and what they have collected evidence-wise over the years.

Thirteen wings of library information is available, with each wing holding 300 different articles or other pertinent information about Bigfoot.

There is also the National Sightings Database, where we have combined nearly every online sighting report into an easy to search database using the Forums' search engine.

While guests are able to view a lot of information, joining as a forum member opens up more information for you to view.  (Please note:  Joining the MABRC forums does not mean you are a member of the MABRC organization, you are simply a forum member.)

So check it out now, by going to the following link:  www.mabrc.com/forums

Friday, June 22, 2018

One possible Misidentification

Over the years, I have noticed a lot of pictures where the witness claimed there was a light brown Bigfoot in the picture, and after further evaluation is was determined to be a burned out cedar. Now Cedar trees can turn brown from disease and from dying out, much like any other tree can turn brown on certain limbs and can cause someone to misidentify what they see as a Bigfoot. Here are some photos for comparison of what I mean.

What is the MABRC Forums?

In the early days of the Internet, there was no Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites, instead, the Bigfoot Community relied on message boards where we could communicate with each other, sharing ideas and working together.  While a vast majority of them are now defunct, the MABRC (Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center) Forums have continued to exist since the very early 2000's.  The newer people coming into the Bigfoot Community have no clue about the history that has been produced by these message boards and the amount of information that was contained in them.

Currently the MABRC Forums is the largest online repository of Bigfoot-related information in the world, with over 13 Library Wings containing articles, papers and more.  The National Sightings Database contains sightings culled from the major Bigfoot Research Groups as well as those forums and websites that have become non-existent. 

The role of the MABRC Forums is simple, to provide a safe bastion for the collective knowledge of the Bigfoot Community for new and old researchers alike.  While the public side of the forums only shows a small percentage of what is contained inside the forums, by joining as a forum member, you can access all the information that is presented there.  

Now please note, that by joining the MABRC Forums, this does not make you a MABRC Organizational Member, you are only a Forum Member.  To become a MABRC Organizational Member, you need to go to the MABRC website and fill out the membership application and someone from the MABRC will contact you and interview you for membership.

You can also view the research threads of MABRC Researchers and Independent Researchers where they discuss their research and methods, and show the evidence collected.

With the MABRC Forums, you will find nearly everything you need to know about doing Bigfoot research and especially the history behind the community.

Anatomy of a Bigfoot Expedition

Shelley Read, Kerri Martin, Debi Jones, Lauren A. Smith, Randy Savig, Randy Edwards, Mike Hartsell, James McFadin, D.W. Lee and many others attended the MABRC 2018 Memorial Day Expedition in Oklahoma. This video shares some of our goals and strategies along with helpful research tips and a little bit of evidence that has already been analyzed. Enjoy!

Cry-Baby Bridges? Bigfoot-related?

By Jim "Biggjimm" Whitehead, MABRC Western Oklahoma State Director

I took the liberty to plot locations of Crybaby bridges in Oklahoma. I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate why I came to the conclusion they are related to the bigfoot phenomenon. If you look at the red dots (crybaby bridges) many of them are very close on the same creek systems. If they were really haunted then you wouldn't expect that pattern. You would have one or two single haunted bridges. Instead you have a lot of them, giving the impression that something is MOVING up and down the waterways. Also ,skeptics will state that the stories are simply urban folklore. However, many of the reports at these bridges predate the internet. Unless the original stories were widely circulated via television, newspapers, and books, you shouldn't expect the people across the country to report the same things being heard. I can't actually find very many cases of the stories being spread prior to the internet, so the idea that it is all copycat folklore isn't really all that strong.

What exactly are they reporting? Well here is a list of common reported experiences: Dark figures moving in the woods along the creeks and crossing the roads, woman-like screams, rocks being thrown, crying baby noises under the bridges, large unseen entities moving about and breaking branches, parked vehicles getting slapped (complete with giant hand prints) and glowing eyes being seen in the woods. This is all in line with bigfoot encounters, not the paranormal. In fact, every Cry Baby Bridge that I have looked into has had bigfoot sightings nearby, usually with in 1/4 of a mile or less. Very often the actual sighting is right at the bridge in question itself. It is also quite often more than one sighting in the area.

So what would bring a bigfoot underneath a bridge? The MABRC has found evidence of them using rock overhangs as shelters in Adair County. Many of the reasons for this also apply to bridges. They are sheltered from the sun, heat, and wind. They also have the added draw of having an available fresh water source nearby. It isn't inconceivable that in case of bad weather, these creatures could also pile some brush up under the area were they are nesting at, creating a wind break.

In our folklore, we have stories about trolls living underneath the bridges. Perhaps there is more truth to that than we would think.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Marsh Lake 2008 Bigfoot?

I have taken this video and deshaked it, to stabilize it, then slowed it down to 20% and magnified the figure to 2.5 times it's normal size.  I am placing it here for the viewer to make their own judgement based on what they see.  Below is the information that the original user posted on YouTube when it first came out.

Published on May 24, 2012 by Spencer Nussbaum

In August 2008, my brother and I were out photographing and filming wildlife in the Uinta Mountains located in North Eastern Utah. We were camping at Marsh Lake, and had ventured off a few miles through the forest heading east. We noticed something moving in the trees and thought it was a black bear that another camper had informed us was in the area. However, as I struggled to get the camera turned on, the creature walked on two legs into the trees. We followed, but were unable to spot the creature again for some time. A little later, it made a brief appearance in a meadow about 200 yards from where this footage was captured. This is original footage and the only editing was for length so I could post it on this site. I apologize for the camera shaking at first, not only was I nervous, but had a hard time locating the creature in the once I began filming.