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Monday, August 8, 2016

Cover Noise

Courtesy of the MABRC

MABRC Senior Field Researchers have quite an amount of experience with the necessity of giving Bigfoot cover noise to move closer to you with. A generator gave enough noise cover, that two or more Bigfoot approached a MABRC encampment at night from the direction of the generator. 

When sitting around a campfire or light, using the campfire method, talking between the researchers gives the Bigfoot noise to cover their movements. This is especially necessary during the winter months when there is no noise from crickets or frogs.

When noises are heard during the talking, the researchers need to continue their conversation, as if they abruptly stop talking and begin looking around, the Bigfoot will not move again for a long period of time.

While researching, use noise to aid the Bigfoot in getting closer to you, you will be surprised how much closer they will come.

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