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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Procedure after finding a Track

Courtesy of the MABRC

Procedure after finding a Track

Note location, GPS if available in field journal, along with date & time.

Using a surveyors flag or other such, mark the track. (note: do so approx. 1 foot away from track so as not to damage track 

Visually scan the area for additional tracks, if found flag as above. 

Using the track direction search for other tracks If two or more tracks are found (track way) measure both step and stride. 

Do so on several.

Note in field journal.

If only two tracks are found, set up a tracking stick and search for other tracks.

In doing all the above take CARE not to destroy or disturb any of the tracks. Ask bf to lift foot so you can get a better look at track (sorry couldn't help my self).

Number a 3X5 card and lay about 2" away from the track Take minimum of 4 pictures, with 3X5 card visible in photo.

Get on ground and visually examine track, do not touch and take care not to disturb.

Use flash light at different angles to high light any possible points of interest.

If points of interest found, do close up photos of those points Take photos from directly above track, with and with out flash, a couple of each.

Take measurements

If using a photo scale, lay it next to the track and take a photo from directly above. (angles will distort getting a true measurement to varying degrees.) If using a tape measure, carefully lay a stick at both ends, ones long enough to reach the tape measure. Measure distance between the two sticks. ( 3 bamboo skewers work nicely, one next to the track and the other two at the ends, by using the one next to the track it is easier to keep the two end ones parallel to each other for a truer measurement) Repeat process for width measurements

* If using Track Caliper, lay next to track and carefully adjust so the top and bottom just touch the edge.

* No matter what you are using take care not to disturb the track

* If measuring device of choice in place take photos, minimum of 4, using effort so measurements are readable in the photo.

If casting, proceed to casting procedure

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