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Monday, August 8, 2016


Courtesy of the MABRC


The best advice that can be given to new researchers is to take advantage of Bigfoot’s natural curiosity about things. By relying on the Bigfoot capacity for curiosity, you can increase your chances of an encounter.

Use techniques to encourage their curiosity and bring them closer to you. In the past, MABRC members have used noise makers, wind chimes, scents (bacon, honeysuckle, berry spray, perfumes, and many other assorted scents), glow (cyalume) sticks, mirrors, compact disks hanging from trees, and even tents with snoring recordings being played from inside it.

The goal here is to outsmart Bigfoot by trying different techniques. Just remember, that once a technique has been used, the chances of it luring in a Bigfoot a second or third time will decrease as the Bigfoot learns that it’s a trick to lure them in.

The forums MABRC Researcher threads have many of the tricks used in research in the past, and is a good place to learn what has been tried in the past, what has succeeded and what has failed.

Asking questions of the more experienced researchers will quickly help you understand the thinking behind their techniques and how they were applied. This is a great resource for beginning researchers to learn from those who have been there before.

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