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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oklahoma Juvenile Photo November 2011

Courtesy of the MABRC

In November 2011, the Western Oklahoma MABRC Team decided to have an expedition in the Southeastern corner of Oklahoma, with the blessing of the Eastern Oklahoma State Director, all was in place for the expedition to be held at Broken Bow Lake just north of Idabel.

On Saturday, November 12th, 4 of the researchers, Biggjimm, CompresserMike, Squatchfinder and Darkwing headed out for the Three Rivers Wildlife are to check out the first reported Bigfoot sighting in the state from the 1800s.

Biggjimm and CompressorMike are looking at the information center before we entered the area.

Squatchfinder and Darkwing following CompressorMike and Biggjimm into the area.

Truly a Bigfoot haven, this is how it looked most of the time in the area.

This is an access trail that seemed to be used by the local wildlife, there wasn't no sign of 4 wheelers used on it.

One of the dried up waterfowl areas as seen from the viewing platform.

Biggjimm and Squatchfinder looking for tracks.

The Marker
They reached the end of the driveable road into the area and got out to look around. CompressorMike set off down a trail to check it out while Biggjimm, Squatchfinder and Darkwing took a look at a large tree that had a huge number of wild grape vines over it, making it look huge. They also noticed that a large number of hogs had been churning up the area. As Darkwing left Biggjimm and Squatchfinder behind to look at the hog scrapings, he ran right into a marker, not more than 30 feet from the road area.

Upon examining it, and concluded there was not really any way for it to have occurred naturally. He took pictures to show what gave him that impression.

Darkwing then decided to walk down and check on CompressorMike since he had been gone for a while down the trail, and while he was gone, Biggjimm and Squatchfinder had found a track, not more than 10 feet or less from the marker. They began casting it. Darkwing walked for what seemed like nearly a mile to him, and stopped to look at the river. He found several areas where the local alligators had been sunning themselves and sliding into the water, but thankfully, it was cold enough that they were all in the dens. 

Alligator sunning area

Several slide areas for alligators

CompressorMike then walked by and him and Darkwing started heading back. When they got back to the vehicles, Biggjimm and Squatchfinder was waiting for them. They were letting the cast dry. The decision was made that they would return later that night to camp here and research, so they would leave the cast there to dry and pick it up when they returned. 

As they began to leave, Darkwing glanced up the trail and seen movement, so he asked Dave to look up the trail and he seen movement too. CompressorMike and Biggjimm were already turning around when Darkwing got their attention. Darkwing and Squatchfinder told them something was moving down the trail. Biggjimm and CompressorMike then got out and looked down the trail and seen it too. CompressorMike sat down with binoculars and watched it for well over 5 minutes before it finally moved. In this time frame, Darkwing took a series of 2 pictures of the area with his Iphone. Right after Darkwing did that, Biggjimm took a picture when a large figure stood up and peered over the vegetation. They stayed there for about 10-15 minutes watching, and finally decided that even though they wanted to go see it up close, if they came back later that night, if they wanted them to get close enough to use the thermal, they couldn't scare them off. So they headed back. 

Upon later discussing the incident, it was discovered that while CompresserMike was looking at a Bigfoot one side of the trail, Biggjimm was watching another one on the opposite side of the trail along with Darkwing.  Squatchfinder however noticed the juvenile Bigfoot that crossed from one adult to the other across the trail.  Upon looking at the photos taken by Darkwing, it was confirmed what Squatchfinder had seen, a young juvenile in 4X4 mode appeared to be crossing the trail.

Here is the pictures Darkwing took.

The first picture where the juvenile is going across the trail towards the bushes. It has magnified it so everyone can see. It was very noticeable on the iphone screen

This is the second picture which shows the juvenile almost in the underbrush, it is moving sideways in 4x4 mode, like a gorilla.

What you will see, is a very young juvenile going across the trail in 4X4 mode, trying to keep up with the bigger Bigfoot behind the bushes. The juvenile is so young that it apparently didn't know better than to cross in the open to keep up with Mommy or Daddy. The two pictures are taken a few seconds apart, and clearly shows the juvenile moving into the underbrush where Biggjimm and CompressorMike seen the adult's head pop up above the bushes just seconds later.

Here are the two pictures taken by Biggjimm for comparison with Darkwing's photos, notice the absence of the Juvenile crossing the trail, confirming something had been there previously from Darkwing's photos.

Based on the photos and the actual spotting of the juvenile by Squatchfinder, the MABRC speculated that this is a juvenile Bigfoot, not more than just a baby, going across the trail from one parent to the other.

The MABRC members were unable to go back in there that night due to a Federal Wildlife Ranger stopping them on the way out and telling them that the area was day use only, and that they would face heavy fines if found in there after dark.

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  1. If you look close,(I blew photos up to 300 on laptop) you can see the adult one walking behind the juvenile one,,, compare legs to where they are on branches/ leaves at edge of trail,,, the first (where he is squatting) leg, are BEHIND limbs,, the 2nd, leg is almost in front of limbs/leaves. Very interesting, I seen this BEFORE I seen the baby.