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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Using a BB Gun

Or a paintball gun.

Seen a post today about using a paintball gun, and it made me think about a seldom used technique by MABRC researchers that don't have thermals can use while researching.

If you think you have a Bigfoot standing in the underbrush, but don't want to approach it.  Take a BB gun and simply shoot into the shadow where you think it is standing.  If it moves, then you know it was a Bigfoot, if it doesn't, then it wasn't nothing more than a shadow.  A paintball gun has the same effect.  The Bigfoot more than likely will only react to it like a bug bite, but will move.

Many will claim that this will infuriate the Bigfoot and make it attack, I have used this technique before, and I still have all my arms and legs.  I have seen two shadows move after being hit with the BB gun.

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