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Monday, December 26, 2016

Texas Hoax/Scam???

Now I know there will be many who question why the folks I am about to write about even trusted anyone to send the amount of money to that they did, but the truth of the matter is this, this was a very detailed and elaborate con game that was perpetrated on them. And I'm sure that there are other folks out there that have been caught up with this same con game.

It actually started when Bob Garrett came crashing onto the Bigfoot radar scope about a year ago with his fanciful story of finding a campsite ransacked by Bigfoot and that the authorities were trying to shut him down over it. This made him a Bigfoot celebrity for a little while, and because of the monetizing of Sasquatch Chronicles, they embraced and ran with Bob Garrett's story.

Because of Sasquatch Chronicles, they perpetuated Bob as this great Bigfoot researcher down in Texas and even began promoting a cross-over Bigfoot Expedition program down in the Big Thicket.
To this, I think that Sasquatch Chronicles is implicit in helping Bob Garrett reaching out to more victims. Whether Sasquatch Chronicles is complicit in the con game or not, remains to be seen or proven either way.

(Updated information:  Sasquatch Chronicles is actually owned and trademarked by a media company, it's being used to generate revenue.  See this link for the confirmation on who owns the brand.  https://trademarks.justia.com/868/55/sasquatch-86855624.html .)

A company was set up in Texas called The Big Thicket Watch Guide Service, LLC on January 16, 2016. This gave them even more credibility in the eyes of those they were advertising too.
They began advertising paid expeditions to the Big Thicket, with no guarantees of a sighting, but guarantees of hearing vocalizations.

A husband and wife decided they wanted to go on one of this expeditions, and paid to attend the expeditions. They were instructed to send the money by PayPal to Robert Garrett, which PayPal says was collected by Robert Garrett.

Shortly after the money was collected, Bob Garrett suddenly claimed that the Feds had showed up at one of their expedition camps and shut down the entire operation.

The husband and wife began contacting Bob and others involved to get their money refunded. What happened now was a series of run arounds, finger pointing and outright no return calls by those who were running the Big Thicket Watch Guide service.

To this date, several people associated with this entire affair have dropped off Facebook, and have not returned messages left for them. The husband and wife have been advised by a lawyer to file charges against all those involved.

Now I am working with another researcher to uncover more information related to this, but I am also asked for help from the Coalition and Hoaxers Exposed 2.0 members to help us find more information to help this couple get their money back.

We also would like to find others who were conned out of their money by this same crew.

You will find attached all the emails and text messages from the couple to those involved with the couple's names blacked out to protect them from ridicule and give them some anonymity.

So if you folks have any further information, please let me know so we can help these folks get their money back, or some other resolution.


  1. This is my complete lack of surprise face.

    Hope they throw the book at these coots.
    How Bob didn't peg every single persons bullshit meter on the planet is beyond me. But, then again, I completely outed Wes as a hoax and people still send him money.

    Seems people will pay to know what they truly think.

  2. i knew wes germers story was bullshit too, he is a scam artist making a fast buck off sasquatchers.

  3. First, let me say the way these two lowlifes are rolling on their partners when they were just as guilty and knew everything going into this scam is f'ing disgusting. That said, there are a few questions that have yet to be asked. What was the second more serious charge? Is it still sealed? They don't 'question' people separately and order them to have no contact on a misdemeanor. There had to be more to it than that. I remember there being a second charge that they didn't elaborate on. They had already been busted on the same charge of operating a commercial enterprise within the SHNF once at the outset, so they knew full well that bust was inevitable. They formed an LLC, wrote those ridiculous waivers, and went on SC leading those people to believe it would be done legally, that they would have permits, even that they would have insurance-KNOWING they could never get the permit or insurance. Everything that happened wasn't only completely foreseeable, but an eventuality. Damn skippy Wes is just as culpable as they are, especially the way he is still trying to fly that bs about it being fed harassment. He knows better. Do feds do that? Absolutely, but that's not what went down in this case. How much did Wes get out of it? I think that question needed to be asked a long time ago. I'm kinda confused by that document posted here cuz the registered agent I found on the TX secretary of state website was in California. They used a Mailboxes, Etc. type thing for an address, changed ph numbers, emails, etc., so yeah, it's pretty safe to say they went in anticipating these issues. The stupidity on their part and that of their marks is what's criminal.

  4. I hope they get their money back, because it was rather crappy that they were not refunded once the trips were called off. Not good. I wouldn't have given them any money to begin with, I don't care who says what. Stories are too extreme for me. This is really old news and the people need to take the people operating it to small claims court or something. Energy spent here is useless. Didn't these guys all leave the community.

    As far as sasquatch chronicles, sounds like you are just trying to cause drama yourself. Of course they have a trademark and they may be owned by a media company. If I was a semi decent business person, running a radio show that does incorporate some type of fee, then there would be trademarks and underlying media companies probably involved. Basic business sense. As far as promoting, I bet the guy from sasquatch chronicles wont be willing to throw out any type of promo for anyone else in the bigfoot community. I remember the show about what happened and he did seem to distance himself from that group after it happened and even condemned it.

    Not his circus is how I see it.