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Friday, December 30, 2016

Cheap and simple

I've been asked by folks throughout my Bigfooting "Career" whether they needed to spend a lot of money on the latest and greatest technology to do research with.  While I have invested quite a bit of money and time into having a lot of equipment to use, I always, revert back to the cheapest and most simple item that a researcher can use.  A spool of thread.

Okay, some of you are wondering, what the heck have you been smoking lately DW?  How can a spool of thread be a great researching tool?

Through the years, I have seen many folks, habituators mainly, claim that Bigfoot were coming through their property on a regular basis, but were adamant that the Bigfoot would not allow them to take pictures of them.  So if the Bigfoot would not appear when the person had a camera on them, and there was little evidence to back up their claims, how would I tell if a Bigfoot was indeed coming across the property.

Well it's simple.  You take two trees, roughly about 100 feet apart, and you string the thread between the two trees in three strands.  Start the first on at 6 feet, the second at 7 feet, and the third you place at 8 feet as shown in the picture below.

Now you could actually place these all around the property, creating a perimeter around your place, just remember though when you walk through the areas that you don't run into the thread yourself.

The MABRC will a lot of times, place this thread perimeter around their camps on expeditions, and here is the reason why we use the thread like this.

A Bigfoot comes walking through the area, but he is under 7 feet tall, he walks into the bottom thread and breaks it.

Now you know that something under 7 feet tall is coming through your area, we can't claim it's Bigfoot, because 6 feet is within the realm of a normal sized man, but hey, this will even work around your house to let you know that someone is trespassing.  You see, the Bigfoot will break the thread without even noticing it because it will feel to them like a spider web across the trail.  

Let's say you go back the next day and the lower two threads are broken, this would show that something under 8 feet tall has walked through the area.

Now you see that something large came through the area, now we really can't say Bigfoot, even though we are getting up in range with the size, you need to remember that deer, elk and even moose if they are in your area, have large antlers/racks that could have caught on the lower threads.  

So what happens if all three are broke DW?

Well, now we step back and look at all three threads are broken, this means something 8 feet tall or taller has walked through this area.  Unless you have moose in the area, you can lean towards a Bigfoot walking through the area.


If you have done a perimeter of thread around your property or camp, you can actually get a good idea of which way they are coming through.  Granted, you won't know where they came in from and 
left out at in that sequence, but you will know from the broken thread, the path they did take.  Say the thread on the northwest corner of your camp was broken, and the southeast corner of your camp was broken too.  You could see that the creature came in from the northwest and exited the southeast corner or vice-versa.  While you can't say for certain which direction they were traveling, finding tracks on the ground could help you narrow down which was the actual direction taken.

And there you have it folks, a few dollars spent on thread (I recommend black as it is hard to detect visually at times) can give you a wealth of information on whether Bigfoot is actually in the area or not.

I have even used this on tall boy trails (more on these in another blog post), to let me know if they are currently being used.


  1. Think I will try that. If they don't watch me put it up. They watch us more than we see them. Thank you D.W., Nightwind