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Monday, December 26, 2016


This question was posted on the Bigfoot Field Guide Facebook page today, and it brings up an interesting plague that has infected the Bigfoot Community now for the last few years.

Graphic above from www.bigfootlunchclub.com

After years reportedly of doing research like everyone else had for years, Matthew Johnson was coming up basically empty handed on his research.  So he changed his ways, creating a legend around a location he called SOHA (Southern Oregon Habituation Area), and began telling everyone he changed his ways and was having tremendous success, albeit, with no evidence to back up his claims.

He then proclaimed that he had found a way to open a portal that allowed Bigfoot to pass through from other dimensions into our dimension.  Once again, with no evidence to back up his claims, and anyone that asked for any evidence was quickly deemed an unbeliever and bounced from his Facebook group, the same group he begged his members to add anyone they knew to the group.

His attempts to grow his following in his beliefs brought about even more wild and supernatural claims.  He began taking people to SOHA that he thought would confirm his beliefs, people that he could influence easily.  While most of them have been cooperative in what he claims, mainly from his heavily strong-armed tactics that have been seen across the Internet, he then took Adam Davies up there.

While Adam did claim he saw something, he would not agree with Matthew on what Matthew claimed happened.

Finally after many in the Bigfoot Community would not believe Matthew's claims about a portal, he released a photo.

This is the portal that Matt claimed was opened.

But something about this picture didn't add up, and Randy Filipovic wrote a good blog about how it was debunked at his site.

To paraphrase what was found out, the photo was turned into a black and white photograph as shown below.

Black and white version of Matthew Johnson's "portal" photo.

Notice what appears to be a leg and a shoe?  Possibly a "croc" slip on shoe?  Where has that been seen before??

Because that is what Matthew Johnson usually wears in the field when it is warmer.  So what we have is a photo that Matthew is claiming is the portal, that is nothing more than a red filtered flashlight shined on Matthew's foot wearing "Croc" shoe.

So now, Matt is having to fake evidence to support his claims, in effect, he is now becoming a hoaxer in order to back up his claims.

He even claims that when the portal opens, its because he goes to the "House of Mystery" in Oregon to obtain the super powers to open the portal at SOHA.

Now, let's look at more facts, outside of Kewaunee Lapseritis, 99% of the actual Bigfoot Community researchers, people who spend their time in the woods looking for Bigfoot, have not come across anything outside of what Matthew claims to have discovered.  To this day, science has not been able to open an interdimensional portal with all the technology that they have, yet Matthew claims he can open it with nothing more than a flashlight.

Kewaunee Lapseritis is well known in the Bigfoot Community as espousing the "Woo" side of Bigfooting, from dimensional travel, to UFOs and more.  

Kewaunee Lapseritis graphic he likes to use that shows the extent of his "woo" beliefs.

So does Bigfoot "Portals" exist??  There is no evidence to even suggest that any such thing as "portals" are possible, scientifically, there is nothing to prove that they are even possible to be created.   Matthew is just using this to brainwash the masses who follow him into thinking he is the greatest Bigfoot researcher out there.  Even if Matthew would present more solid evidence to back up his claims, his hoaxing of the first portal photo will forever cast doubts on any evidence he produces.


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  1. WILLIAM MAXWELL WALLACEDecember 29, 2016 at 2:30 AM

    I've been an active P.I. since 1983. ALL of the "Paranormal" fields (Ghosts, UFO's/ET's, Bigfoot) have been completely over run with attention whoring Con-Artists and Shysters doing and saying whatever they can to draw attention and publicize themselves. Matthew Johnson is one of those. Beware of those that have no tolerance for individuals that have opinions that differ from their own and are quick to "Ban" you from their site if you question them or ask for legitimate evidence. They don't like to be challenged because it interferes with their little "Kingdom" they've set up, with them as the "King." They don't want to look foolish in front of their subjects, so they just ban people who ask legitimate questions. BTW, "Energy" portals do exist, but the opening and closing of them have absolutely nothing to do with the transportation to and fro of "Boogers" from Point A to Point B. That's total nonsense........