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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Largest collection online about Bigfoot

Without a doubt, the largest collection of information about Bigfoot used to be the website of Bobbie Short, Bigfoot Encounters, but since her passing, no site has come close to surpassing the amount of information about Bigfoot except the MABRC Forums.  

While there will be those who disagree and even attack the MABRC for the content displayed there, the truth is, the Forums has been collecting articles, sighting reports and more from all over the Internet and placing it in one location, making it easier for folks to find the information they need.

The MABRC researchers even have their own research threads, where you can follow along on their research and what they have collected evidence-wise over the years.

Thirteen wings of library information is available, with each wing holding 300 different articles or other pertinent information about Bigfoot.

There is also the National Sightings Database, where we have combined nearly every online sighting report into an easy to search database using the Forums' search engine.

While guests are able to view a lot of information, joining as a forum member opens up more information for you to view.  (Please note:  Joining the MABRC forums does not mean you are a member of the MABRC organization, you are simply a forum member.)

So check it out now, by going to the following link:  www.mabrc.com/forums


  1. Did the MABRC forum crash, the link at the end of the article will not load for me.

  2. http://www.mabrc.com/forums/index.php try that