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Sunday, September 16, 2018

I have a great new idea!!!

Every so often on Facebook or on one of the few Bigfoot message boards still active, someone jumps up with what they claim is an original idea of their own to try in Bigfoot research.  And every time, I have to shake my head, as the idea they come up with, has been tried by those in Bigfoot research before them.  They either have seen the idea posted somewhere before, and try to pass it off as their own, or they just don't do any research to see if their idea has been tried before.

The latest "Great new idea" that is making the rounds, is to play a crying baby while researching.  I've seen this appear on several Bigfoot Facebook groups, and some people were upset when it was noted that the MABRC had used the crying baby sounds back in 2007 onward.

Here is the excerpt from my book, Bigfoot Field Guide - Shadows in the night, available on Amazon (Kindle Version here) (Paperback Version here)

"Arriving on site, we put all the windows down and began playing the cd at a high volume. It was nearly pitch black with the full moon beginning to rise behind us. After about 10 minutes in of playing the crying baby audio, on the ridge line up the slope from us, we heard a vocalization, more like a roar. It’s nearly a ¼ mile from the ridge line to the road, and we listened to something big coming crashing down the slope towards us. 

I continued letting it play the audio, No Mercy kept asking me if it was time to turn it off, as we could hear the crashing over the crying. Finally the maker of all that crashing noise popped out on the road about 75 feet ahead of the vehicle. It was the white Bigfoot, and he stood on the road looking at the vehicle. I reached over and shut off the radio, the Bigfoot stood for several minutes looking at us still, before it turned and went back into the woods. 

No Mercy sat in silence for a few minutes before he caught his composure and uttered some of his most famous words. “We ain’t playing the crying baby cd anymore.” "

This happened in 2006 on a personal level, but the next year in 2007, on the MABRC Memorial Day Expedition at Honobia, MABRC Junior Researcher Goose, along with myself and another researcher went out on a remote ridge line in an UTV at night, with no moon out.  Using a call blaster, we played the crying baby cd for nearly 15 minutes, and had multiple responses from the other ridges to the north of our location.  It was quite the experience.

We've used it on other occasions too, in remote camps inside tents and even in our camps, it will draw in predators looking for an easy meal, but it has brought in Bigfoot checking out to see if an infant was in trouble or abandoned.  Whether the Bigfoot was looking for a free meal or what, we will never know since putting a real human infant at risk is unfathomable to attempt.

So what does all this mean D.W.?  It means, before you jump up and proclaim that you have a new idea, you should do some research to make sure it hasn't been tried before, and that way, you won't get hammered for trying to lay credit for something that has been done before.

Can the MABRC claim this as their idea?  No, we can't, because this was discussed on the old Bigfoot message boards back around 2001 to 2002, we were just one of the first to actually put it into practice and see the results.

Just do your research folks, it will prevent you major headaches in the future.

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  1. This reminds me of the crying baby Bridge stories. About the woman who drives her car off the bridge and dies. The crying people here near the bridge is the baby crying for its mother.
    I've always wondered if it was the Bigfoot baby crying under the bridge.