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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Dave Shealy Skunk Ape Video

I have taken this version of the video, deshaked it, slowed it down 20% of it's normal speed, and magnified it to 2.5 times it's normal size.  I leave it up to the viewer to decide what it is, the following excerpt is from the Smithsonian website where they did a story of Dave Shealy.

"In July 2000, he captured one of his encounters on video. In the grainy daytime footage, shot from hundreds of feet away, the creature spends a minute or so moseying around in a hummock of palm trees. Then, shortly after it begins striding across the open swamp (at about 1:48 in the video below), it breaks into a long-limbed run—as though suddenly aware it’s being watched—escaping into a grove of palm trees.

Shealy notes that, at the time, the swamp was covered by over a foot of water, making the animal’s speed (which he estimates to be 22 miles per hour) impossible for any human to achieve. But it’s extremely hard to watch this video and see anything but a guy in a gorilla suit, hurrying across the swamp:"

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