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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A regurgitated hoax makes a return 2 years later.

Posted today on Cryptomundo Blog today was a video someone posted of a supposed Bigfoot that was captured on a car cam video in Anaheim Hills, California the morning of 8-28-2016.  It was immediately recognized by BGF staff as a regurgitated hoax from 2014 as shown from screen captures from the Bigfoot Evidence Blog.  Are we so desperate for anything new about Bigfoot that we are going to be falling for hoaxes brought back from the past?  Don't be fooled by this, it was nothing more than a person in a suit in 2014, and all this boils down to, is someone is trying to use it all over again like it's something new.

And a screen capture of the YouTube page that tried to pass it off again, the person who is responsible for this YouTube channel is guilty of perpetrating a hoax in our opinion.

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